Let the dogs out

Let the dogs out - Violet's Vegan Comics Let The Dogs Out is one of those rare books that touch your soul and leave you thinking for a long time. It’s a tremendous graphic novel unmasking the bitter realities about the research labs and their misbehaviour towards dogs (or you can say tortures done to them.)

The simple fact that it’s written from the point of view of a dog is so very heart-touching, enabling the reader to feel everything he is going through and it really leaves your heart aching! This book is really what we need today in order to know what really happens in the real world. It has made me take some steps against use of dogs and also other animals for research purposes.

Also, after reading the book you’ll be aware of some facts that are very important, like for one, animal research is not really a need. It can very well be avoided and can even be stopped. I appreciate Violet’s efforts.

Please go ahead and get the book as it’s really thought provoking and if you have kids (teens), trust me, you really don’t want to miss it. Being a graphic novel it’s great for kids 12 years and above (though not below this age due to upsetting images of animal experimentation.)

I’m going to buy one for my brother. I hope you will too!