The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks I absolutely fell in love with this book since I issued it. Right from the cover of the book to the last page, it will keep you engrossed. It really didn’t let me sleep peacefully as the entire time I was concerned about what’s going to happen to Ira.

The letters that Ira wrote for Ruth were so emotional that despite my efforts of controlling my emotions, but I gave in when I read the last letter that Sophia reads out to him. The way its written will surely make you feel the undying love that Ira felt for Ruth. Also the letter that Ruth wrote to Ira before she died was very emotional. I loved both the stories equally and also the end. It was a happy ending in true sense.

The Longest Ride has a a lot of meanings in respect to the book, but for me The Longest Ride for Ira was his life as he happens to mention and for Luke it was riding Big Ugly Critter.

I especially love this book because it really made me wonder that after living such a happy life together with your spouse, in the end when one out of the two of you remains, how painful it would be and trust me even after dying, I guess, you really can’t be at peace seeing your other half struggle!