The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown I would like to begin with a warning that this book is indeed a lengthy read! I love Dan Brown’s books but sadly this one was way too predictable. First of all as soon as Langdon got a call from his friend’s guy it was pretty obvious that someone’s playing around (something like Inferno) and also when Mal’akh repeatedly refers to Peter Solomon’s son, blaming him for his death and all, clearly gives the idea that Mal’akh was indeed Zachary Solomon. The last hundred pages were a real pain! I wish I wouldn’t have read them cauz it was just a waste of time! Who cares wtf was the lost symbol after reading 400 pages and then realising that it’s just a word or whatever!

I wanted to rate this book 2-stars but the knowledge of Noetic Science and also bits about Masons earned this book an extra star from me! Read it if you want to complete the Robert Langdon Series but if you don’t care about the series then my advice would be to leave it unread.