Book Review: The Breath Of Aoles by Alan Spade

The Breath of Aoles - Alan Spade

I loved this book and I'm eagerly waiting to read all the books in this series. Breath Of Aoles has a lot of things in store for a fantasy-lover. A great adventurous journey, an intelligent and receptive lead character with a great sense of moral, faithful companions, bizarre animals and beasts and numerous magical elements.

This book has a a great narrative and a really strong storyline which makes you believe in it and fall in love with it. Pelmen is a brilliant character, that eventually grows on you, and you start to accept and respect his view of the world he lives in. You will feel the connection between you and Pelmen getting stronger with each chapter. I absolutely loved Pelmen and was able to feel his emotions very-well. At times some of the names seem strange to pronounce, but that really doesn't affect the overall magical effect of the book.

I liked Xuven and Fekkar also, and was able to connect with them easily. All other people and beings introduced, were also quite fascinating.

I'll be cutting back on half a star because of above said difficult pronunciations and some grammatical and spelling mistakes.

I'll recommend it everyone who loves reading adventure and fantasy, even suspense! I've already read it twice and will be happy to read it again.