Book Review: Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary - Stephen King
  • Plot | Story- Pet Sematary is undoubtedly one of Stephen King's finest works. I tend to be speechless when it comes to writing a review for his books so forgive me if I write less than necessary, because, nothing that can be said will ever be really enough to praise this book. The story takes you very slowly through the life happenings of Louis Creed and his family. Story progresses subtly and ever so slowly. You start to feel a very strong connection building between you and all the characters. You start liking each and everyone and everything seems good, but slowly you start to get a feeling that something is going to happen... something very wrong. And then it happens! You start to feel sad... very, very sad and right then something else happens that make you feel something more than normal sadness, a feeling of darkness that comes with death! Then comes a point where you just can't take anymore and you stop reading it. But within a day or two you feel a strange pull and you start reading again! That's when you find out that there's more creepy stuff going to happen, and happen, yes, it does! You can't stop yourself from reading, you push yourself to read and get done with this book ASAP and then something happens in the end that leaves you sleepless for nights. 

No, it's not a scary story, but it's a really dark story that plays tricks with your mind and makes your skin crawl! It's a Stephen King's story.

  • Characters- The characterization is Stephen-King-perfect. All the characters are so full of life that one can never really get them off one's mind. The character-connect was built very slowly and steadily yet very, very strongly. Each and every character has the potential to make you smile as well as cry.
  • Romance- None! But a hall loads of love!
  • Writing- Abso-fuc***g-lutely brilliant writing. You'll loose yourself in the writing so much so that you'll loose all sense of time and space while reading this book. As usual, the writing is simple and easily understandable, full of sarcastic remarks which are really good and hell loads of irony which will leave make you think a lot.
  • Beginning- Slow-paced and subtle. As King's reader, the easy and happy flow of the book in the starting pages kept the anticipating part of the mind on high alert!
  • Ending- Couldn't have been any better. Left me sleepless for days!
  • Cover Art- I loved the cover of the edition I read (see above), but otherwise some editions look very old, creepy  and even immature!
  • Blurb- The blurb definitely managed to be transparent enough to pique the reader's curiosity and at the same time without giving much away!
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