Captivated - Nora Roberts Captivated is one of those rare books that you can enjoy without using even a tiny cell of your brain ( and I mean it in a good way!) The story progresses easily and even though the outline is way too predictable, the writing keeps one engaged. I read this book in 2 days, just cause I was being lazy. You can finish it in a day very easily. It’s a great break from mind-bending thrillers and complicated love stories.
It might seem strange but it really made me feel that the world is really a good place to live in. And I, for one, really believe in magic and stuff, so it was very much like a fairy tale for me and I enjoyed it a lot.
The love of Morgana and Nash really felt pure and will somehow make you believe that love is really a magical thing and can really really change a person!
I will recommend Captivated to any reader who’s tired of whatever they are reading and need a quick break to relax.