Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream - Nora Roberts I absolutely loved the book and most of all Margo (the main character). After reading just a few pages, I realised that I’ve already developed a bond with her and the other 2 female leads (Laura and Kate), which will lead me effortlessly and happily through the rest of the series.
Daring To Dream is about Margo’s journey, going though life-changing ups and downs and how she emerges out of everything stronger and more confident than ever. She takes life head-on and faces the worst situations with a lot of courage.
In this adventurous journey, Laura and Kate play a very important role and reminds the reader that true friendships never die. It’s a classic tale of loyalty, family-love, truest of friendships and passionate love. It’s all a reader like me can ask for!
I wanted to give it 5-star rating but I cut down on 1 star just because of Joshua (Margo’s lover). He seemed a bit too desperate at times. It left me wondering whether I’m reading a cont. romance or erotica!
Well other than that, I loved the book from start to end and I’ve already got the next book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.