Book Review: Charmed by Nora Roberts

Charmed (Donovan Legacy) - Nora Roberts

Charmed is an emotional romantic novel, which takes you on a magical journey of love and sacrifice. Anastasia is a good witch who has the power to heal, but the cost she has to pay everytime she heals is very high. She takes the pain of others and experience it herself in order to relieve them. She is highly sensitive to emotions and cannot stand negative ones due to her fragile heart and her susceptible magic! After facing the pain of rejection from her love, she starts taking comfort in a life of solitude, with only her family as a source of love. She was happy in her life.
Boone Sawyer buys the house next to Ana and settles there with his daughter, Jessi and her pup. He sees Ana and starts experiencing something that hasn’t happened to him in his life before, true love! He starts falling for Ana and vice-versa. Jessi and Ana also love each other. So the only thing that’s stopping Ana to accept a proposal from Boone is her Legacy, that is magic!
Though Boone is a writer of children’s books, fairy-tales and stuff, Ana knows that accepting the fact that she is a witch won’t be easy for him, or for that matter for anyone! Read the book to know how he’ll accept this truth or whether he does or not!
This book has a lot of romance, magic, love, healing, faith and belief. What is not there to like! And I’m very eager to read the fourth part.

[Yea, I know, I wrote the synopsis under 'positives'! That itself is the best part of the book (no-pun intended!)]

The last 25 pages were a bit of a slog.

An easy read. Will do you good as a breather from all the sci-fi, horror and thrillers. Recommended to all the Nora’s fans and anyone who can put up with a genuine romanticism.

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